Market research to help you see and act on the current trends in various assets.

Our research helps in three primary areas of trading and portfolio management.



Focus on price and the technical pattern being presented.  Rely on the trend to make your decisions.



Develop a process that works logically and removes random choices.  



Performance can improve with greater focus and a dedicated process for each decision.

Make it easier to cut THROUGH THE NOISE and opinions flying about.

What separates our research from the rest?

  • You will have focus on price and trends being presented.

  • Clear & concise information to make your decisions easier.

  • Unique Tools and Indicators designed for trend identification in the markets you trade.

  • You can apply the same process across all investment types.

What's included In Each week'S Report?


Equities    |  Futures  |  Currencies

Futures & Currencies

  • Comprehensive list of all futures & currencies

  • Monitoring short-term trends & long-term trends

  • Alerts when trend changes occur


  • Two scans specific to finding strong stocks with solid return potential.

  • A concentrated watchlist of up to 30 candidates.

  • Potential of 5 stocks highlighted at the end of each week.

The equity screens help increase your chance to find the strongest trending stocks and add potential value to your client’s bottom line.

How does it work?

Every investment type developes a price trend: up, down, or sideways.  It's vital to move with the trend and understand when the trend is over.  

  • We've developed trend analysis tools that remove the guesswork from the equation. 

  • Our trailing stops and adaptive channels match appropriately with each investment type which is key to success.

  • The indicators are applied to the equity watchlist, futures, and currencies in an easy to read weekly report.

  •  The watchlist, and scans are also emailed each Friday in CSV format to download into your trading software of choice.