Mark Humphreys

Originally from Scotland, Mark moved to the United States to attend college in California, graduating from the California Institute of Technology in 1993 with a BSc in Engineering & Applied Science.  Mark worked for a telecommunications company doing product development & technical sales support until 1997, before deciding to pursue his passion for investing & start a career as a financial advisor.  While he started at a traditional brokerage firm (Dean Witter), Mark felt he could better serve his clients under an independent platform, and gradually transitioned to his own RIA (Registered Investment Advisory) firm, Compass Wealth Management, with an emphasis on fee-based accounts.  In 2008 he decided to join forces with Mike & Chris Lorenzen of LIG Capital Management, and together they made the transition to today’s fee-only practice.  Mark’s investment philosophy is multi-faceted, and while diversification of investment styles is usually an important portion of his client portfolios, traditional long-term holdings in stocks & bonds are the solid basis and foundation.